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Population Health Management: Path to Value


Population Health Management (PHM) has been in the health IT lexicon for nearly a decade, yet the industry still lacks a clear definition of how provider organizations extract value from their PHM initiatives. Part of the problem is that PHM is often defined as a technology solution when it, in fact, is not. Rather, PHM is a technology-enabled strategy that includes a multitude of capabilities (e.g., interoperability, analytics, care management, engagement, etc.) and services. Secondly, an organization adopts a PHM strategy to support its value-based care (VBC) contracts, but VBC remains an elusive target that is highly dependent on local and regional conditions. 

Wednesday, August 7
1:00-2:00 PM ET

In this presentation, John Moore will briefly walk through the evolution of the PHM market and its increasingly integral tie to VBC and future technology and market trajectories. Highlighted topics will include EHR versus best-of-breed solutions, FHIR and open APIs, and the increasing role of IT-enabled services.

Learning Objectives:

  • Reframing PHM: Defining PHM as a strategy, not a product.
  • Core elements of a technology-enabled PHM strategy.
  • Moving organizational economics from fee-for-service to VBC and the role of Medicare Advantage.
  • The impact of new interoperability efforts and trends to enable effective PHM strategies.

We look forward to seeing you at the webinar.

John Moore
John Moore - CEO & Founder, Chilmark Research

After 15 years in the manufacturing sector advising some of the largest global manufacturing companies on IT adoption and deployment strategies, John felt that the most vexing issues in this sector had been largely addressed – so he sought new opportunities with new challenges, eventually selecting healthcare for his next endeavor after a year of research on different markets. He proceeded to launch Chilmark Research shortly thereafter in 2007.

John has since built Chilmark Research into a respected analyst firm that provides market-leading coverage of the most transformative sectors of healthcare IT, including health information exchanges, patient-provider engagement strategies, healthcare analytics, and remote monitoring. Of great personal interest to John is the role that the consumer will ultimately play in the rapidly evolving healthcare market.

An accomplished speaker, John has made numerous presentations on current and future IT trends and their impact to markets. He has been widely quoted in numerous publications, including AMA News, Baseline, CIO, ComputerWorld, eWeek, Forbes, Health Data Management, InformationWeek, Investors Business Daily, US News & World Report, Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal.