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Why risk it? Predict readmissions before they happen


Readmissions generate a staggering $41.3 billion in additional hospital costs each year, and many occur for reasons that could have been avoided. Without a clear way to proactively identify admitted patients with the highest risk of readmission, hospitals face major revenue losses and CMS penalties. 

Watch this webinar to discover how to unlock the potential of patient data with intelligence to predict which admitted patients are at high risk for readmission—so your care teams can take action to reduce that risk. 

Key takeaways: 

  • Enhance quality efforts into a profit center
  • Maintain below-average rates of readmission and avoid CMS penalties 
  • Improve the efficiency and cost effectiveness of readmission reduction efforts 
  • Deliver a better, more personalized experience to high-risk patients 
  • Hear case studies of predictive analytics role in reducing



Featured Speakers:

  • Adam Bell, Senior Clinical Consultant, Medicity RN, CCP, CCM, PMP, SSBB
  • John D’Amore, MS