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Clinically connected communities drive population health success

Aligning the right technology with business goals to improve care quality for patient populations

How do you put complete, accurate health care data in the hands of the right providers at just the right time? The answer is to tear down data silos and build clinically connected communities. In order to build the clinically connected communities and networks needed for smart data-sharing and proactive communications, forward-looking health care organizations are adopting innovative technologies at a rapid pace. By doing so, these organizations are empowering physicians, nurses, care managers, home health professionals, analysts and executives with smarter, more comprehensive data to improve transitions of care, stratify and manage at-risk individuals, and gain clinical insight for enhancing quality and reducing cost.

Achieving improvements in population health requires interoperability and connected care, so that providers in different care settings can coordinate more effectively. Aggregating data from all patient encounters across the clinically connected communities brings together information from multiple sources to support more accurate care management and more timely and effective analytics. When that information is concurrently fed into an analytics engine, it is possible to proactively identify individuals who will benefit from intervention and provide care considerations that address their unique needs.